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Dr. Dan’s + Bass Pro Partnership

This past weekend, we hinted at some exciting news for Dr. Dan’s Skin Care — and today, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with Bass Pro Shops to bring the entire line of Dr. Dan’s Skin Care products to select stores.

This is a significant step for us, and the culmination of two years of work in the outdoor industry beginning with the sponsorship of our first professional angler, Danny DeVries, in 2014. Since then, we’ve been traveling the country, educating anglers about better skin care, and attracting the attention of some of professional angling’s stars and legends, including Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston, Peter Miller, Mike Iaconelli, Scott Martin and Jimmy Nelson. Our efforts have been recognized by a number of publications, including GAFF Magazine, FLW and Golf Forum, and our products were recently promoted to a national audience on NBC’s TODAY show.

If you’d like to join us in celebrating this milestone, we’ll be holding an official launch event on June 6th at 2:00pm at the Bass Pro Shops location in Cincinnati featuring the iconic Peter Miller, host of NBC Sports’ “Bass 2 Billfish”. We’ll be discussing Dr. Dan’s Skin Care products and the importance of protecting your skin.

Here’s the full list of Bass Pro locations where you can find Dr. Dan’s products:

Outdoor World #004
200 Gulf Stream Way
Dania, FL 33004

Outdoor World #010
5156 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Outdoor World #011
300 Cincinnati Mills Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45240

Worldwide Sportsman #16
4301 Legendary Drive
Destin, FL 32541

Outdoor World #017
10177 N. Kings Highway
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

Outdoor World #018
1972 Power Plant Parkway
Hampton, VA 23666

Outdoor World #064
1 Bass Pro Drive
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Outdoor World #33
10040 Gulf Center Drive
Ft. Myers, FL 33913

Outdoor World #46
10501 Palm River Road
Tampa, FL 33619

BPS Outpost #65
30 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

No stores near you? Not to worry! Use our Store Locator to find the nearest location to buy Dr. Dan’s products or order CortiBalm.

Dr. Dan’s Skin Care was founded by a dermatologist in private practice, and brought to the market by M&L Solutions of Milan, Indiana. All of the Dr. Dan’s Skin Care products are made in the USA, gluten free, and safe for the entire family.

True Stories: Mosquito Allergies

This month’s true story comes from Cecilia Henson, who has long suffered from allergic reactions to mosquito bites.

Hi, my name is Cecilia Henson and this message is regarding the Dr. Dan’s Anti-itch Stick and how it has helped me immensely these last few days. I was relaxing in the backyard with my friend, Danny Devries, when I abruptly started to itch my leg and I immediately knew I had been bit by a mosquito. Being allergic to them, I suffer all summer long with tennis ball sized swells on my legs that are consistently itching for days. Normally, I take a Benadryl and rub cortisone cream on the bumps almost hourly while resisting the urge to itch. So, I asked Danny if he had any cortisone that I could use and, surprisingly enough, he gave me the Anti-itch Stick. Never having heard of Dr. Dan’s products before, I was skeptical but very relieved and desperate at the same time. I rubbed the Anti- itch stick on all three mosquito bites and it worked instantly, alleviating both the itch and the swelling. I was in complete disbelief! Nothing has ever worked this well. I will always continue to purchase Dr. Dan’s from now on and recommend it to everyone I know.

Got a true story of your own? We’d love to hear it! Leave it in the comments, or send us an email at info@drdanslipbalm.com.

True Story: Bugged No More in Florida

This week’s story comes from Florida, where summertime means heat, humidity, and bugs. Thankfully, our new Advanced Anti-Itch Stick is just with the doctor ordered!

Living in Florida we have tons of insects and issues with bug bites. From mosquitos, sand fleas, fire ants, and even the occasional random spider bite we get a few bug bites! Your new Anti-itch Stick has been put through the test in my family. We have tried it on every type of insect bite you can think of – it relieves the swelling within hours and takes away the itch and irritation almost immediately.

The most amazing part is that after being bit by what we think was a spider, my Mom’s calf had an area the size of a soft ball that was swollen and red. We applied the anti-itch to the affected area and within three hours the swelling had gone down and the red was only about the size of a quarter. After one more application the bite was the size of a pencil eraser. Very effective product – We love this product and can’t wait to try the others and hope to see more products to come from you all. We have confidence every product you make will be very effective and affordable.

Being bugged no more – Florida

Introducing Dr. Dan’s Outdoors

This Spring, Dr. Dan’s is excited to announce the launch of our outdoor line of products, Dr. Dan’s Anti-Itch Stick and Dr. Dan’s Chemical-Free Sunblock SPF30. Outdoor enthusiasts have already told us how much they love using CortiBalm to protect and heal their lips while fishing, hiking, camping, and surfing. We’ve used our expertise and your feedback to craft an entire line of products that will heal and protect your skin all Summer long.

A friend recently told me how Dr. Dan’s Hand and Body Lotion helped him after a long day of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. He said that he had fished all day and was very fortunate in that fishing was very good that day. At the end of the day he noticed that he had scratches and small cuts all over his hands from handling the fish he had caught. Remembering that he had some of Dr. Dan’s Lotion, he decided to put it on his hands to see if it would help with the discomfort. That night his hands hardly bothered him at all and by the next morning they were almost completely healed. As a result, he always keeps Dr. Dan’s in his fishing gear to keep his hands in shape for fishing and other outdoor activities.

While scratches, cuts, and bug bites can be a routine occurrence outdoors, protecting your skin and preventing damage from the sun may be the most important thing you can do for your skin while spending time outside. We all know that our sun is very important to us. It helps us make Vitamin D that is very important for our bones. It helps plants grow to provide us food and many other things. Unfortunately, it also produces harmful rays that can burn our skin and cause skin cancer. That is why it is so important to protect your lips and skin from the ultraviolet rays that can damage them. When you are out in the sun, use Dr Dan’s Chemical-Free SunBlock SPF30 on your lips to block the rays that can cause your lips to crack and peel. Keep Dr. Dan’s products with you on the beach, in the pool, on the lake or wherever you may be spending an excessive amount of time in the sun to protect and heal your lips and skin when your having a good time outdoors this summer.

If you do happen to get overexposed to the sun, use CortiBalm for your lips and Dr. Dan’s Lotion for your body to help relieve the burning associated with sunburn. Most importantly remember that the only real prevention from skin cancer is avoiding overexposure to the sun.