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  1. I’m really disappointed – I sent you picture with explanation of my burn on my wrist. No pictures to show people how great the Lotion worked on my burn

    1. Hi Jerlyn,

      We posted your photos to Facebook right after you sent them, and have received a lot of great feedback! They’ve now been added to this page as well. Thanks for being a Dr. Dan’s supporter!

  2. i was givin dr dans cortibalm at my dermatologists office a few years ago. and it worked like magic so i saved the old packaging and like all things put it in my Cook book. any how i have been looking for a retailer that carried it and finally i found a pharmacy that had it in stock i was so elated i instantly drove there a purchased 3 tubes . i have been dealing with extreme chapped itxhy lips that was making my face all red from irritation. In the car on way home i ripped a package open and applied it.I know its the answer to my issue. day 1 today already feels better wish me luck thanx dr. dan you ROCK

  3. I have been plagued with swollen, chronicly peeling lips along with redness extending past the lip line for six months or more. Unable to wear any lip color or even lip gloss, just plain ugly and embarrassed. I stumbled across Dr. Dan’s website, ordered the Cortibalm and presto, my life, my mood and my looks changed overnight. What a difference this product has made. It is so effective, it feels like magic. Thank you so much. And for those questioning my credibility, I do not work for the company or know any one who does. I am simply very pleased with Cortibalm. No more Bozo the clown lips!

  4. I have a very chapped area on my upper lip due to the start of my accutane treatment and wanted to know if this product will help the redness,burning, and swelling. Thanks!

    1. Yes! In fact, CortiBalm was developed specifically to treat the side effects of Accutane. Good luck with your treatment!

  5. I have suffered with lip dermititis for years. This week I happened to mention it to a pharmacy tech and she immediately suggested Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm. She even special ordered it for me. I have only been using it for a few days but all of the itching, burning, flaking and dicoloration are gone. My lips actually feel normal for the first time in years. Now my only question is, can you make a lipbalm with color? I have not been able to wear lipsticks because of the hash chemicals they contain and my lip’s allergic reaction to them.

    1. We do not currently have any plans to develop lip balms with colors or scents; as you know from personal experience, color dyes, flavors, and scents can increase irritation in sensitive or chapped lips, which is the opposite of what we want to do!

  6. Hello…would this lip balm heal Exfoliative Chelitis ? I am suffering from peeling lips for many years and nothing seem to work.

  7. Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm is a life saver! I recently had my 2nd outbreak of anguilar cheilitis which was not helped by oral medication. I had been suffering with this for the past 4 months with no relief. My lips were swollen, burning, and itchy! I just wanted to cut off my lips they were so dry and irritated. I was searching on the internet for anything that could provide some relief and then I stumbled across cortibalm on Amazon. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I put the product on that evening and by the next morning everything was better. I have now used it for 2 nights and everything is ALL cleared up! Worth the money! Thank you Dr. Dan!!

    P.S. I suffer from eczema and would love to try the lotion!

  8. Best thing I have found for cold sores! Forget the $15.00, .01 ounce of docosanole! The CortiBalm works like a charm, even if I see an outbreak and start using it. A very happy customer!

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