True Stories: Safe & Effective at Any Age

Today’s true story is from a real patient of Dr. Dan’s who has suffered painful lips due to Psoriasis his entire life – all eight years of it! After just one week of using CortiBalm, his lips have already shown marked improvement.

No matter your age or how long you’ve been suffering, you too can have relief with Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm!

Dr. Dan’s and Take a Soldier Fishing

Dr. Dan’s and legendary fisherman Roland Martin are proud to have participated in the Naples, Florida Take a Soldier Fishing event this past weekend. The mission of Take a Soldier Fishing is “to provide recurring fishing trips to our Nation’s Soldiers that are supported by the community. By getting as many people from the community involved allows them to ALL feel a sense of accomplishment when they see the smiles on their Soldiers’ faces.”

Thank you so much for your donations, soldiers and captains were very appreciative for it.

-Jamie Loyd, Take a Soldier Fishing

Check out some photos from the event, and visit–photos.html to see full results.