ICAST Countdown: 1 month left!

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True Story: Bugged No More in Florida

This week’s story comes from Florida, where summertime means heat, humidity, and bugs. Thankfully, our new Advanced Anti-Itch Stick is just with the doctor ordered!

Living in Florida we have tons of insects and issues with bug bites. From mosquitos, sand fleas, fire ants, and even the occasional random spider bite we get a few bug bites! Your new Anti-itch Stick has been put through the test in my family. We have tried it on every type of insect bite you can think of – it relieves the swelling within hours and takes away the itch and irritation almost immediately.

The most amazing part is that after being bit by what we think was a spider, my Mom’s calf had an area the size of a soft ball that was swollen and red. We applied the anti-itch to the affected area and within three hours the swelling had gone down and the red was only about the size of a quarter. After one more application the bite was the size of a pencil eraser. Very effective product – We love this product and can’t wait to try the others and hope to see more products to come from you all. We have confidence every product you make will be very effective and affordable.

Being bugged no more – Florida