Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

The winter of 2014 has been cold and dry. It seems like one of the worst we’ve had in a long time. As a result, your skin and lips may feel dry and scaly due to the lack of moisture. Dr Dan’s CortiBalm and Dr Dan’s Hand & Body Lotion can help relieve the dry, itchy feeling associated with winter weather. Routine application can relieve the dryness and help moisturize your skin so that it feels smooth and soft.

Don’t forget that with the coming of summer there will be numerous times when Dr Dan’s products will help your skin stay it’s healthiest. For example: going for walks in the woods may result in scratches from thorns and bushes. Dr Dan’s Lotion and Anti-Itch Stick can help relieve the pain and irritation from those scratches. Our Anti-Itch Stick is great for pain because it relieves the irritation right away. The Lotion is great for application to larger areas. Both will help your skin heal faster without the pain and irritation associated with scratches that can take days to heal.

Dr. Dan’s Anti-Itch Stick also provides immediate and long lasting relief from insect bites, including mosquitoes, chiggers and more.

Get over the winter dryness and prepare yourself for the for summer by stocking your camping and outdoor gear with Dr Dan’s Skin Care Products.

Help! I have a cold sore!

Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus; most people get one outbreak, and that is it. Some of us, though, get recurrent outbreaks when our lips get irritated from sunburn, stress, or dental procedures. When the virus is active, the body’s immune system tries to fight it, ultimately leading to swelling and blisters.

Almost all dermatologists treat the virus with oral or topical prescription anti-viral medications. While they ultimately work by attacking the virus, they do nothing for the inflammation, or the symptoms. On the other hand, Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm goes to work immediately on the inflammation and pain by using Hydrocortisone in a mild base, without any other harsh chemicals that could actually worsen the situation.

So if you suffer from recurrent cold sores, see your Dermatologist for anti-viral medications and always have your Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm ready to use. If you have any doubts please request a free sample and try it for yourself; or buy a tube and if you are not satisfied, receive a full refund.


Welcome to Dr. Dan’s blog!  We’ll be using this space to explain how our skin care products can help you in your daily lives.  We will also include skin care tips from Dr. Dan Viders, along with new information in the field of dermatology.

Let’s start with CortiBalm, our first and most well known product.  I developed CortiBalm because I was tired of patients suffering when they had to be on Accutane.  It bothered me because I knew, while my patients were on Accutane, their lips were going to be a problem and there was nothing that I could recommend that would bring them relief.  I started researching lip balms on the web and I was amazed to find out that almost all of the lip balms available had ingredients that actually would make your lips worse.  This fact really upset me and I started on my mission to develop a lip balm that would heal the most damaged lips while being safe enough for daily use.  As a dermatologist I knew the many benefits of hydrocortisone and how effective it was for healing skin so I started there.

After years of testing I finally came to the realization that simplicity was the key.  I asked my self what ingredients were available that I knew aided in the healing of skin and aided in the prevention of drying the skin.  It was difficult, but I finally decided that the final formula would consist of just four (4) ingredients: 1% hydrocortisone, filtered yellow beeswax, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly.  I spent the next couple of months refining the formula and came up with the final formulation for CortiBalm.  I felt so strongly about its’ effectiveness and the unique way it healed that I submitted it to the United States patent office.  I was over joyed that they felt the same way I did and they granted me a US patent.

After all of the testing I had done to develop CortiBalm, I was 100% sure of its effectiveness. Against the advice of many, I started offering CortiBalm with a 100% money back guarantee.  To date CortiBalm has sold just over 1 million tubes without any returns.  Over the years we have had so many customers comment that after trying many other lip balms, only CortiBalm truly healed their lips.

Over the past 10 years we have found out, from our customers, that CortiBalm has many uses other than just healing your lips.  I was surprised how many people have commented on how CortiBalm healed dry and painful cuticles on hands.  In fact, we received so many comments on the variety of skin conditions that CortiBalm helped that I decided to develop a 1% hydrocortisone lotion.  Not only is CortiBalm the most effective lip balm for healing lips, but it also does not need to be applied multiple times a day.  CortiBalm can be applied 2 or 3 times a day and will work better than other lip balms.  This has lead to a rise in popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who fish. No matter how harsh conditions become, they do not have to stop fishing to reapply lip balm.  Skiers and snowboarders also love the fact they do not have to take off their gloves to keep reapplying their lip balm.

We appreciate all of our customers and I know that without your continued support we would not be able to grow.  Please let us know if there is anyway we can help you and I will continue to develop safe and effective products!